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Hanging out with Albert

We had another of those affirming nights in Shrewsbury last night that not only make me feel that all the hard work pays off with this...

Back in the Saddle(back)

It's been a quiet spell but we're back on it like a piss-head bet by his mates he can't manage the Waltzers without parting company with...

Smokin' Bacon

Sometimes you just have to laugh about it, take it on the chin and remember we're just a bunch of plonkers having a bit of nonsense. 400...

Vive le Crack(ling)

Now and then a sneery voice speaks softly in my ear. It questions what a grey-headed old git like me is doing playing at being some kind...

Am I boaring you?

After three nights on the trot of face-cracking, throat-mangling, soul-warming skufflepunk it's time for reflection. It's fab that three...

Like a rat on a chip

After more than a month out of each others' company it was like pulling on a comfy old pair of Y-fronts getting back up to Lane's End...

On it like a rash(er)

Before we kicked off at the Bull last Saturday we were all a bit jaded having shared a good old dose of the lurgy and having various bits...

Tap them trotters

I love being in this band and I'm proud of what we do. Our last three gigs have been in front of three very different audiences and the...

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