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New demos coming soon

We've been making the most of a relatively quiet spell gig-wise by using Monday nights at Lane's End to get on with recording more of our original material. Stu has been working overtime, getting to grips with the technology and it's fair to say we're pretty buoyed up by the results so far.

The aim is to put together a high quality full length album, hopefully next January.There's talk of a crowd funding appeal to help finance it and make sure the standard of the packaging is as professional as possible. My initial thinking is something along the lines of a £5 donation receiving a cd, £15 for a T-shirt and a cd, £100 and we'll come and do a gig in your front room/choice of pub. Any feedback on this would be welcome. Of course, we'll have to look seriously at the costing before we start down this route seriously.

In the meantime Stu is grafting away to put together a 5 or 6 tack demo for venues and promoters. He's just sent a version of 'Cable Street with a twist that I reckon will be best kept for the launch next year. Exciting times in the sty!


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