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Squeal like a pig.

I've spent the last hour and a half contacting venues trying to book dates for the band. I'll never get that time back - what a chuffing ball-ache! I tried perhaps 12 venues, successfully spoke to maybe four humans, some of whom seemed like very nice people. Sum total of bookings? Zilch. Some towns seem like closed shops and the venues play safe by booking the same acts on a carousel. I guess it's too much to ask for them to be chasing us eh?

Anyone who can help by recommending us for your local venues or next year's round of festivals will earn our eternal love and gratitude.

On the plus side, we are even better than ever so you'd be doing yourselves a massive favour by catching us at one of our last two shows before we disappear over the horizon in various directions in the middle of August. Sunday afternoon outdoors at the Talbot in St georges on 5th August, and then Sunday 13th August at Down on the Farm at Gwatkins Cider in darkest Herefordshire.


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