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After a few quiet weeks out of sight we're gearing up for a busy spell over the next month or so. We're particularly looking forward to hooking up with our old friends The Fabulous Bordellos next Saturday at Ludlow Brewery and seeing how the brilliant Mary Louise is coming on with her beautiful original songs. 'Delia' Leggett has been scratting away in his cell mixing and messing with the recordings as we inch ever closer to having the songs ready for the release of our debut LP in the new year. In the meantime, we've been tinkering with a clutch of 'new' covers which we'll drip feed into the set over the next few weeks. There have also been an encouraging amount of enquiries and bookings for 2019, although if anyone can put a word in for us with any of next summers festivals it will be very much appreciated. See you out there piglets.


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