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Like a rat on a chip

After more than a month out of each others' company it was like pulling on a comfy old pair of Y-fronts getting back up to Lane's End last night. A bit ring rusty maybe but the energy flooded back and it's just the best way to put the shite of the day behind you - with your clothes on anyway! The time away gave me a chance to work on a few new original songs and although they won't be seeing the light of day for a while it's always nice to have that feeling that there's pressure on the first team with some promising young 'uns in the youth team. Is that a really shit metaphor? Bollox I don't care. We have just two more practice sessions before our end of January world tour of Bishop's Castle, Telford and Leominster on the 24th, 25th and 26th. That'll be a tester on the old clacker so I'll grease me tonsils up with single malt and brave it out. We've also got some exciting new venues lined up for 2019 and fingers crossed that we eventually get those festival bookings we've been hankering after. Happy new year Piglets.


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