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Every cloud and all that ... I was properly pissed off at having to cancel our date at the Bull Ring yesterday after waking up to find nothing emitting my usually reliable gob. Yep, some sneaky beggar pinched my voice when I was off my guard in the land of nod. The silver lining was that it gave us a chance to catch a bunch of our brothers-in-arms in action at one of our favourite venues, The Wakes in Oakengates. The Invisibles and Judas Johnson, two dead impressive Shropshire outfits playing their own excellent original songs, made the journey well worthwhile. The Judes new album, out very soon, will definitely be worth getting hold of on last night's evidence. Anyway, they emphasised just how much I missed not playing myself and fed my desire to get back at it. Luckily we have some live action lined up with trips to Tewkesbury, Tenbury and Hereford coming up soon. In particular, we're excited about playing at the Barrels in Hereford on Friday 15th November, one of my personal top 10 boozers and somewhere I've been chasing a gig for yonks. Skufflepunk and the Wye Valley tap house - a match made in Heaven!

In other news, various stumbling blocks have again delayed the completion of recording for our album but it's now close enough to lick and it tastes gorgeous! With the changes to many of the songs in the past year that have come with JDog's switch to drums we have had to start from scratch with the early recordings, and last week we finally got the updated version of Cable Street in the machine. From the bits I've heard Stu is doing a brilliant job and I can't wait for the finished article. While Delia slaves away on polishing up his aural delights we'll be working on freshening up the set with some new covers as well as getting more originals gig-ready. That's on top of planning the artwork and packaging (can we stretch to a vinyl version?) and a launch event. It would be great to find the right place and time to get the PigDaze 'family' together to celebrate this stage in our journey towards world domination. I still love this daft hobby of ours.


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