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Where to from here?

Ha! Gonna start a record label he said. So much for being optimistic eh? I should know better because it really isn't my natural stance. With all the crazy shit going down just now why would I want to remind myself, and those lovely few of you who put up with my occasional musings, that our skufflepunk crusade is well and truly bogged down in the quicksand of lockdown. Should I feel guilty then about sharing my introspection on our daft hobby when it's one of the very least significant downsides to a global crisis? Nah - we all need a vice

right, and I've only got a few so this is allowed I reckon.

So, what's been going down at PigDaze HQ? Rather than let the saga of the debut album drag on even more we've made a decision to cut the number of songs from 13 to 11 and get on with releasing pretty much what we've got. I'm annoyed about the ones we've got to leave out but there is just too much work to do on them and until we can get back together at Lane's End studio they're not going to be up to the quality we want to inflict on the world. With the kitty empty we also have to compromise on the design and packaging, and as for the release party, who bloody knows? Having said that, we have a bunch of songs that we are dead proud of. They reflect our inclination to tell anyone who'll listen about our tendencies to be angry, lustful, drunk and sentimental - sometimes separately but often at least in pairs!

What's more, some of us have tried to embrace the technological wonders of the age and have been sharing ideas for new songs inspired by things that make me ... guess what ... yep - angry, lustful, sentimental and drunk. And you know what? Modest as I am, I think there are some potential belters brewing. Maybe I'll even get the nerve up to share some scratch versions with you.

Anyway, if there is anyone out there that's interested, we miss you and can't wait to get out playing in front of you again. It's a visceral need, more than a simple desire. Once the green light goes, if anyone wants us we'll be there like a flash. Take care and stay safe.


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