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Nautical but nice

Accompanied by our new Italian manager Mascarpone Carbonara last night's voyage was never going to be plain sailing. Ah knackers, I can't keep that up!

We didn't really know what to expect last night at the Penguin boat club in Salop and we definitely got what we expected. We missed the best bit of the party as when we arrived everyone left there was already full steam ahead. It's a cracking little venue in a great location and hopefully will get used more for live events in the future.

Englebert put together a set of mostly covers for the occasion and it worked well; he's rapidly becoming the set-list wizard. We played Geno for only the second time and it feels right even if I'm a bit dubious about my 'backing trombone hoots! The audience is into our personal record book as having the highest ratio trying to cause serious physical damage to each other.

I think Mr 2% was encouraged. Look out for news of cultural exchanges and European tours.

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