Trotters or scratchings?

It's mad what a difference a few weeks make. A couple more gigs with drums under our belts and we feel like we've made a massive step forwards. Two gigs on successive nights for the second week running and some really encouraging recording sessions help too Friday at the Rosie in town followed by the Vaults in BC makes for a great weekend. I bloody love the Vaults and the BC crowd are always a division above. We've had enthusiastic responses for our own new original material - 'Full Swing' and 'Checking Your Hat's on Straight' feel like old friends already. JDogs playing is making such a difference, and we feel properly rejuvenated. There's been so much positive feedback flowing our way this last couple of weeks that I can't help but be optimistic about our forward momentum. We can't wait to go back to the Vaults for the BC beer festival next Friday. We're playing in the yard from 9-11 in case anyone is interested.

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