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Blag Pudding

That was hard work/play! We love going to play for Bertie at the Talbot in St Georges. Great gaffer and enthusiastic locals always make it a pleasure. Sunday though was boiling and we were playing on the stage in the car park! Even with a healthy turnout, the sensible ones headed for the shade which meant most punters were off to the side and we were mostly playing to the parked cars and neighbours gardens! Mine and Stu's combined short-term memory is akin to that of a senile goldfish. The glare from the sun meant neither of us could read a word from the prompts resulting in some interesting 'ad-libbing'. Even my attempt to create a low-tech solution was derided by Englebert as making us look like Fleetwood Mac. Now that is a fucking insult. In true punk rock/showbiz tradition we made light of our first world problems, got drunk and blagged it yet again. Can't wait for Sunday at Down on the Farm now and then a well-earned break. Dunt I fuckin' love it!

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