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On it like a rash(er)

Before we kicked off at the Bull last Saturday we were all a bit jaded having shared a good old dose of the lurgy and having various bits of bad news come our way in the days preceding it. The most excellent turn out and reaction we received made sure that was soon behind us. The only concession we made was having a short break after an hour, but we're forgiving ourselves for that act of wimpishness because we added an extra 15 minutes to make up for it. The place was bouncing for the second set, helped by JDog's insistence on starting it with our version of Geno, which I feel we've taken time to grow into but have got there at last. As for the pub - it's great to see the Bull has finally got a gaffer who cares enough and is moving it back towards it's glory days. More power to them.

Practice on Monday involved hammering some new songs into shape - one of them might even get an airing on Saturday at the brewery - and tweaking some overdubs for a couple of recordings. What we wouldn't give for a couple of days solid at Lane's End to get it all done and dusted! That said, if we were organised and all in a room together on a regular basis something would be wrong. I love my l'il ol' skufflepunk combo.

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