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Am I boaring you?

After three nights on the trot of face-cracking, throat-mangling, soul-warming skufflepunk it's time for reflection. It's fab that three such great venues run by properly amazing people are thriving out here in bandit country. That also means there's an audience looking for noisy, nonsensical nights out, prepared to send that energy straight back at us. It's not an urban monopoly and there's plenty of city folk who'd raise an eyebrow if they had a peep into the shadowy world we inhabit. One of my favourite parts of this hobby of ours is seeing people singing along with our own songs with silly grins on their fizzogs and we've had some of that each night. At the Vaults at Bishops Castle, The Wakes in Oakengates, and Reet Petite in Leominster I spotted toe-tapping, lyric-mouthing (possibly intoxicated?) connoisseurs of this thing we do giving it full-tonsils to Turn it Good, Full Swing, Good Juju and Checking your hat amongst others. How they can even guess at the words I don't know; they seem to know something I don't! I bloody love it. Anyway, what next? We have very little booked in terms of gigs until May so finally, finally fingers crossed we can get over the line with the recording and have that elusive album ready for public consumption before too long. Of course, if anyone knows of anybody that would like a small but hardy band of skufflepunk pioneers to rock up and share generously our own personal cocktail of souped-up ska, punk and skiffle, well, you know where to find us.

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