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Hanging out with Albert

We had another of those affirming nights in Shrewsbury last night that not only make me feel that all the hard work pays off with this silly hobby, but actually feels like we've got something pretty bloody good going on. Albert's Shed is a fantastic live music venue, bucking the trend where so many small venues around the country are under the cosh from soaring business rates, gentrification and nimby neighbours. Having heard so much about the Saturday night crowd at the 'Shed' we rose to the occasion and played two short-ish (for us) sets of 45 minutes in what I'll call brisk fashion. I'm not claiming we hit every note with precision but we did hit them fast and hard! The good burghers of Salop responded with enthusiasm and I reckon we definitely gained a few new piglets. The Purple Moose also added its own unique contribution to the occasion, as did the Austrian fella who insisted on buying us a round of Red Stripe on stage - I don't know if my German was a bit loose or it was lost in the volume of the music? Anyway - he liked us and that's all I care about really.

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