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All or Nothing

I've had a week now to digest our epic experience at Ludlow Castle playing the Spring Festival in the prime Saturday night slot. The consensus is that it was one of the best gigs we've played in a dozen or so years of this silly hobby. Following the Bar Steward Sons of Val Doonican was daunting but it worked in our favour. We came onstage to a sea of silly grins belonging to folks that were ready to have more of a great time. With technical problems meaning the Doonicans over-ran, we had 15 minutes to load on and line check. With no idea what it was going to sound like and unable to hear much of each other on-stage we just went for it. It seemed to pay off as the marquee was bouncing and we had loads of positive feedback. What's more, it was only the third time our latest recruit, the marvelous Brum Baggins had sung with us and we didn't manage a full band practice in the build up, with some numbers he had to do in public for the first time. What a buzz! The sound and stage crew deserve huge credit for getting us through it. Cheers to Tony and Matt for all of that and the faith to offer us the opportunity of such a great slot.

A week earlier we did an all original set at Loopfest in Salop opening the weekend at Albert's Shed along with Middle Space from Telford. They're a superb young band who I reckon we'll all be hearing a lot more from. I'm hoping we can book them for a Kickback night at Oscar's before too long. That was sandwiched between a village pub gig where the majority of the audience was several hours deep into a very 'moist' wake, and an early Sunday afternoon slot at a charity show we'd organised. Both had their moments and we always have a blast, but the variety of venues, audiences and atmospheres has been nothing short of head-spinning!

Continuing the age-old theme of 'accelerate & brake', we've now got a month off playing live before in June we head down to Ledbury to play at the Retreat, a semi-unplugged gig at the 'Rupert' (OST), then off to Bishop's Castle at the Vaults closely followed by the Victory in Hereford, The Retreat and Victory are virgin territory for PigDaze so we don't know what to expect, but if anything is guaranteed its that we'll play like there's a thousand maniacs going mental in front of us!


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