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Light at the end of the tunnel

Interesting times eh? Of course it's frustrating to have to put a big chunk of our daft hobby on hold but let's keep it in perspective. Live music is one of the things that brings people together and adds colour and joy to the universe, but for us it's mostly an added extra that gives us something to look forward to when we're in danger of letting the balance of life get out of kilter. While we're a bit pissed off about losing out on a few gigs, it's the venues and acts who rely on the dosh from playing live that I feel for. Let's hope the government at least keeps one promise and props up the small businesses who give us so much.

I escaped the house for an hour this morning and took Frank Turner with me. He does have a few words of wisdom to share now and then, and it was his uplifting belter 'I still believe' that struck a chord with me today. I don't think rock 'n' roll will really save us all but it will help an awful lot of us to regain our mojo when we start to emerge from this mess a little way down the line. I intend to do everything I can to support those small venues that are the lifeblood of acts like PigDaze. In the meantime, there are songs to finish, recordings to be polished up, a promo video to film and who knows - maybe even that album to get out to anyone who might be interested. Perhaps I can even get that record label up and running? We won't stop scheming and dreaming.


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