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Mind your (wolf) manors

The little universe of PigDaze has been dominated recently by our good fortune in being involved with the brilliant and bloody new splatter movie Wolf Manor. Some of us were lucky enough to attend the world premiere in Leicester Square as part of the Fright Fest horror festival which was a proper treat for us country types - see us below looking suitably uncool meeting the best two actors in the film. This weekend producer Pete Wild arranged a special showing at the Assembly Rooms in Ludlow which, given the significant degree of involvement of local cast and crew was rammed. And what a great night it was, even graced by the hairy star of the film himself. We're planning to get the songs included in the film available for download and onto that Youtube thing very soon. Wolf Manor gets its global launch in February and will be on Netflix I'm told. Get in there!

Our annual self-imposed gig desert, August, is gone and we're back in the saddle. The weekend saw us on the bill with three other acts at the Apple Tree. There was an impressive turnout, and it was especially brill to see loads of faces from the local scene, some of whom we hadn't seen since before the 'vid struck us and the world went to shite. Signs of more light at the end of the tunnel? I do hope so. My own highlight was my first time playing to an audience which included my granddaughter - two and a half and already keen to get down the front. Oh my corazon!

The outing will hopefully have shaken off the cobwebs after 7 weeks without playing, as next weekend brings us the PigDaze world tour of North Herefordshire and South Shropshire. We start on Friday at Fozzafest, a brand spanking new festival which gives us the chance to play a full set of originals to a field full of strangers. Love it! After Lugla Brewery on Saturday we end up at the Sun at Leintwardine, one of our favourite watering holes and probably our last outdoor gig of the year. That's a late afternoon, early evening one if you're joining us. The autumn is shaping up compadres.


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