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'Pigs in Space' - launch night

That was worth waiting for. Last night's album launch was a long time coming - most of the songs have been in our set for donkeys' years - but it felt bloody good when it finally happened. Two years of next to nothing live music-wise meant our party at Ludlow Brewery was like popping the cork on a vintage bottle. We had a great turnout, with many of those in attendance having followed us since the very early gigs. That support has always been appreciated and last night felt a bit like we were paying people back for the interest and time they've invested in us. We have to say a big thank you to the wonderful Kaz Cozens in particular for helping us out with extra vocals on the recordings and on stage. Also, the room was dotted with musicians we respect making the compliments afterwards even more satisfying. We're hoping to get some radio play in the next few weeks and get on with filling the calendar up with live dates. We've shifted a good number of CDs and there's encouraging interest in downloads from Bandcamp. We'll hopefully be able to showcase the album set at some of the gigs lined up for the next couple of months. Next up is the revamped Wrekin in Telford at the end of February. We're also eyeing up getting into the studio again to start recording the new material we've got in the pipeline with Joe H. It feels like things are rolling again! You you out there sometime soon piglets.


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