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Pigs on film #1

With our Luddite tendencies and aversion to many things C21 we've missed out on quite a few gigs and festival dates partly due to not having a decent video to show us off to potential promoters. Well that's changed. Our good friend the estimable Roger Bowles has been hard at work sorting a video for the lead single from our album, 'Good Juju'. Filmed back in the winter, partly at our HQ Lane's End, partly at our launch night at Ludlow Brewery, and partly around various nooks and crannies in the town, it's turned out proper marvelous. Anyway, here's a link to it on YouTube so feel free to have a gander and share the shit out of it.

What we can't tell you yet, but hopefully soon will be able to, is all about our involvement in a forthcoming new horror film. The red carpet beckons! Exciting times ahead piglets.


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