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That's Perky, but where's Pinky?

The joints might be creaking and groaning as we grind back into action but things definitely feel like they're looking up. I'm still buzzing from last night's gig at the Wrekin in Telford. It felt a bit special to have PigDaze #2 out gigging with Stu back on guitar for the first time in a while. He even beat me in the 'sweat-off' keeping his jacket on until the bitter end! We're out again in a few weeks at Albert's Shed in Shrewsbury alongside our compadres Don't Feed the Goat - can't wait for that one. We've also got the Vaults in BC coming soon and then the big one for us - the Spring Beer Festival in Ludlow Castle. Aaaawwww, 'cited!

In other news, we're chuffed to have been asked to contribute to the soundtrack of a new horror flick a friend of ours is involved in. We're booked into the studio in a couple of weeks to sort that. It will be a cover rather than an original number but hey, beggars canna be choosers.

Things have stagnated regarding getting the word out to the wider World since our album launch at Ludlow Brewery back in February. Finally though we are about to get the publishing sorted and make it available across them new-fangled on-line platforms. Also, the video for the lead single, Good Juju, is close to being ready and we're hoping to do a first public screening at the Dog Hang's Well. If anyone has any sway with local BBC radio it'd be appreciated. They don't seem to want to communicate with us about 'Introducing'. I guess everybody has their favourites eh?

The new original material is coming together nicely with Joe H and PigDaze #3. The songs have been received really well so far and guess what - turns out we are just as angry, lustful and daft as ever!


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