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The Nearly Men

It feels like that should be our pseudonym. Since last time I was in communication we've nearly done lots of stuff. We nearly played with a Sex Pistol and nearly played the last night of the Fringe. We also nearly played a handful of gigs and nearly finished the album. Oh yeah, we nearly all got together in the studio to rehearse a few times! Remind me not to get optimistic or excited about anything while Covid and real life are still on the loose. Don't get me wrong, good stuff has happened. We played with those young bucks on the block Don't Feed the Goat at their debut and gigged at the Southwater Albert's Shed which were both crackers and a first run out for Joe H on guitar. What a great transfer window signing he is too. Also, the new flexi-line up is slowly falling in to place and a few new dates at some of our favourite venues are tenuously scribbled in the calendar, plus we will shortly be planning a release party - hopefully for this year too. In the meantime we're looking forward to playing in Telford at the weekend at the birthday party for that marvellous Paul from the Endings. We're feeling honoured to be asked to play for rock 'n' roll nobility. I'm nearly feeling optimistic - I told you about that!


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