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This time for real, surely?

Long time no see eh citizens? Well, it does finally seem as if we may be able to venture out soon and get back to abusing the un-practiced lug-holes of unsuspecting victims/audiences. And we have news - yep real genuine kosher news. A new gang member in the rather lovely shape of Joe H, a splendid guitar maestro and all-round good egg. The reason? Stu's new career in the strange hours world of bread means he's going to find it tricky to be around as much as he was so we've expanded the crew. We're hoping it will give us some flexibility and mean we won't have to turn down too many dates.

There are a small handful of dates in the PigDiary, with one of the highlights being the closing night of the Ludlow Fringe at the Brewery on Sunday July 18th. With a line-up completed by Sons of Yoda and the marvelous Call of the Kraken it's a guaranteed cracker. There's another though that we're especially excited about. On Wednesday 30th June we're booked to support the living punk legend Glen Matlock in a chat-show style show also at the Brewery. Thanks to Nick Corston for sorting that one out. I'm too auld to get excited safely but it's got me juices flowing again!


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