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Who's afraid of the big bad werewolf?

Who'd a thunk it? L'il ol' us on the red carpet in Leicester Square! Our good friend Pete Wild generously offered us the opportunity to record a song for his forthcoming comedy-horror flick 'Wolf Manor'. The initial idea was for us to do a skufflepunk version of the old classic Blue Moon but that fell through at the 11th hour leaving us to come up with an original number that fitted the bill. The resulting song, Hairy Inside, features as the soundtrack to the closing credits along with a re-recorded Checking Your Hat's on Straight (tweaked to Checking Your Fangs are Straight).

As if that's not exciting enough for us, Wolf Manor has been generating loads of movie industry interest and is to be premiered at Fright-Fest in London at the end of August. For the uninitiated in these things, Fright-Fest is one of the world's biggest horror genre festivals, and is held at the Cineworld complex in Leicester Square, which makes it a big deal I guess? We're also told the film is being screened at several other international film festivals including Toronto and Trieste. A special local screening has also been arranged for the Assembly Rooms in Ludlow in September.

Hairy Inside is going to feature as half of our soon to be released double A-side single along with Monkey's Paw, both numbers having received enthusiastic audience approval at recent gigs. Who knows - when future film buffs talk about iconic horror sound tracks Hairy Inside might be mentioned in the same breath as Bad Moon Rising and Red Right Hand? Maybe not, but hey .....


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