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Let's get Sociable

When I have truly won the hearts and minds of all of my people and they beg me to become their emperor, my first edict will state that every town in the land has to create a venue like the Sociable Beer Company in Worcester. Our debut there on Friday night left us all buzzing. It may be a brewery that doubles as a music venue, or it might be vice versa but it don't matter at all because those lovely people do both things very well indeed. Go there, drink their beer, dance, have fun. Simple recipe for a brill night out.

It's been a frustrating couple of months in terms of further delays with the recording process. It's always difficult to get everyone together outside of gigging and December into January is a particular nuisance due to real life getting in the way of skufflepunk's snail-like but inevitable march towards world domination. So, this is where we are at - bags of new material nearly ready; album 95% done; world tour booked (Welsh Marches leg anyway); team spirit and self-belief bouyant. Yep - it could be worse. If only that elusive mystery figure had been goggling from the back of the room on Friday with today's version of Jake Riviera on speed dial.

Our return from hibernation at the Bull in Ludlow last week was also a cracker. Notable for our old compadre Bat Birmingham being slung out before we even finished the sound check, and a clutch of drunken stage invasions. These included the funniest one ever by Englebert's adoring but very vomity niece! Our next two dates will see the youthful figure of Joe Jacks on the throne as J-Dog lives out his parallel pop star dreams. The Vaults in Bishops Castle followed by Albert's Shed in Shrewsbury. We're especially fired up to be supporting the wonderful Urban Voodoo Machine at Telford in March. Fair winds and following seas eh?


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