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The knacker's hijacked me clacker

Ha! We should have known better. The Tour That Never Happened has 4 more dates added to it. Last weekend world tour of around here was smashed out of the water by the mysterious disappearance of my voice. Reduced to a croak by Thursday, on Friday when we should have been headlining Fozzafest it was nowhere to be heard and didn't return for the other 2 dates over the weekend. Rubbing salt into the wounds, our next outing to Malvern is off due to the venue closing down. That is gutting as we all want a thriving live music scene, but just a thought - perhaps it would be nice to tell the acts you have booked that they are cancelled? It's frustrating that so many small venues have a third party doing the booking and communication breakdowns are all too common. If anyone has a contact at a venue in the Malvern or Upton area, please feel free to put them onto us - it's a black hole in our itinerary and we'd love to stick a skufflepunk flavoured sausage in it.

Anyway piglets, more positive news is that our new single Monkeys Paw is now available on Spotify, Youtube and Apple Music. We've been playing it live for a while so some of you might recognise it, and it's a bit of a tangent in terms of the style. See what you think - we love it like our first-born.


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