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Sometimes you just have to laugh about it, take it on the chin and remember we're just a bunch of plonkers having a bit of nonsense. 400 mostly drunken people is usually a good sign for us but only if they show a bit of interest in what's happening at the noisy end of the room. A rugby club end of season 'do' is always going to be a challenge I guess and we knew it would be a bit Pheonix Nights. Having said that we were bang on it, playing two hours with only a five minute interruption for a bizarre award ceremony/Guiness swigging ritual. We also bumped into a few old faces and made a handful of new friends. Job done?

Last night was our last time all together in a room until May 11th when we have a double-header that makes the wait worthwhile. We're on at Ludlow Castle for the Spring Beer Festival in the afternoon and then onto the Bull Ring Tavern for a more cosy shindig at night. My kind of day, apart from how to remain relatively vertical bewteen 5.30 and 9 with 220 ales whispering sweet nothings in my lughole? Tell someone and bring them along if you like messy softness. Before then, with help from our faithful dep drummer Joe Jacks, we are playing our old mucker Planty's significant birthday bash in a field somewhere near the BBC at Woofferton on April 27th. Bring a sleeping bag and some mates.

In the meantime, our recording is going through something of a torpid phase but good things take patience eh? When we do get there, look out! See above for plonkers and nonsense and the need for perspective. What we have got done is sounding great and it's all home-cooked to boot. We also have a handful of new songs coming along nicely. 'Bones' is a sort of misty-eyed riposte to our bitter story of small town life 'Crab Bucket'. It's a hypnotic, toe-tapping groove, built on some words about the roots we put down living in a place like this where you can almost reach out and touch the past. 'Dumb' is more predictable - a high-octane ska-punk blast about the race to the bottom in politics we're so lucky to be living through. The third one is a bit of a departure for me. It's called 'Doing Just Fine', with a power-poppy 'feel' I came to messing around with a couple of Blondie numbers! The theme is wistful but defiant, and I don't know if it's really a PigDaze song at all. We'll find out I s'pose! If anyone is paying attention out there - ta and TTFN.

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