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Back in the Saddle(back)

It's been a quiet spell but we're back on it like a piss-head bet by his mates he can't manage the Waltzers without parting company with his kebab and 8 pints. It may be a bad idea but worth the entertainment value. Apart from last week's set in the woods at Planty's bash with the lovely Joe Jacks depping for JDog we've been on band holiday; the four of us haven't been in the same room for over a month and boy how fond is my heart feeling for that absence! Well, we'd better get these hairy white arses in gear a bit sharpish cos we only have one practice before our most exciting (for us) day of the year so far. Next Saturday afternoon we have the 4.30 slot at the Spring Beer Festival in Ludlow Castle, followed by a 9pm gig at the Bull Ring Tavern. It's a logistical nightmare with 200+ ales on offer and a load of gear to shift and store in between sets. There could be some lively negotiations in the next few days. Baggsy not driving! Luckily, being the consumate professionals we are you can feel confident that those of you who come along to either or both will get your moneys worth. It's free entry at the Tavern. The following Saturday we are popping up to Telford to 'headline' (well, we're on last anyway) the always marvellous 'Gig For Life' at the Crown in Oakengates. Russ Hunt does a fantastic job organising this event to raise money for Cancer Research UK and we're chuffed to be asked to be part of it again. It starts at Midday and we're on at 9.30.With a busy gigging June and July to follow will that album get to see the light of day. You'll just have to be patient Piglets.

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